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Pre Registration is


-you can register online, text, phone call or email





204 791 7295


204 293 0314


Can’t make it, no problem, but please give us 24 hour notice.


1.  Squads are minimum of 2 to maximum of 5 people.


2.  If you have a squad, each member must register separately.  Please include names on each registration of your squad mates. If you are not able to get a squad arranged, please indicate on the registration form and we will do our best to accommodate you.

3. All registrations are on a first come first served basis.  

4.  We accept cash, cheque and etransfer (


Upon arrival to the Range, please utilize both front and back parking areas.

~Report to the clubhouse on time and further instructions will be provided

~Scorecards will be available on site

~ALL garbage is to be put into the bins that are at each station. 

Each and every shooter will be required to sign a yearly Waiver of Liability  to attend the Sporting Clay Range. 

Weekly BRGFA Member Drop In Sporting Clays

(BRGFA Members Only)

To become a BRGFA member please click on link:

**Sporting clays shooters that wish to shoot Weekly BRGFA Member Drop In Sporting Clays are required to purchase a club membership ($40.00) and the applicable CCFR membership.  If you wish to utilize the rifle/handgun range, then the $50.00 range fee must also be purchased and you will have to take the range orientation.

For more

Check online calendar for dates.  All dates are subject to change and cancellation.

Weekly BRGFA Member Drop In Sporting Clays


Minimum 2 to Maximum 5 per squad

Gate opens @ 1:00 pm

**Last squad out at 2:00 pm **

Adult Fees:

BRGFA Members  /100 targets


Junior Fees(13-17):

 100 targets - $40.00

Monthly Open Sporting

Minimum 2 to Maximum 5 per squad

Registration 9:00 - 9:30 am

Safety Briefing 9:45 am

Shotgun Start 10:15 am

Adult Fees:

BRGFA Members/100 targets


Non BRGFA Members/100 targets



Junior Fees (13-17)

100 targets - $60.00

50 targets - $30.00

**Dates subject to change**

**Prices subject to change**


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