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Proper Shooting Etiquette

- Borrowed from Georgia Sporting Clays Association

 1-Follow any and all rules posted at the club where you are shooting.

 2-Offer help to beginners if asked, but don’t walk up and start giving advice.

3- Carry an over & under barrel forward and action open. Auto's w/ action open and no shells left in the gun. Never load more than two shells in pumps and autos. Guns carried on vehicles must be vertical and not laid horizontal in gun racks or beds of vehicles.

4-Drive your cart at a reasonable speed. You stir up dust and it’s dangerous. We are not in the Daytona 500 and you aren’t Dale Earnhardt.

5-Do not “crowd” the squad in front of you. Do not pull up and park under them so that they have to walk around your cart to get to theirs. Let their squad finish before you get up or crowd them at the station box, wait your turn. When you park, do not park on the cart paths but as far off the path to allow other carts to be unimpeded on the cart paths.

6-Keep your conversations to a low noise level.

7- Make sure you have enough shells to complete the station before stepping into the station. Add a few extra’s in case of trap problems. If using an Over/under or side by sides, catch the empty hulls and put them in your hull bag or trash containers at the shooting station. Don’t hold up the squad picking up empties on the ground. Don’t eject the empties into the shooters behind you! Make sure your gun is clean and in good working order. Jams caused by poor maintenance are unacceptable!

8-Put all your trash in the proper container.


10-Don’t waste time. You are not trying to set a speed record with your shooting but you also need to tend to your business and not lolly gag around.

11-Watch the show pairs when they are called for. Don’t ask for another pair or say I wasn’t looking.

12-Do not try to fix or repair a trap if it isn’t working, call the office and report the problem.

13-When you have an assigned time to start an event, be on time.

14-Watch your language, most of the time there are ladies and children close by.

15-Never criticize or belittle another shooter. We all had to start at some point in time.

16-Watch the targets and the person in front of you when they shoot. It helps the referee and you also get another look at the targets.

17- Keep your “tantrums and fits” to yourself, you might be on someone’s camera.

18 – Pay for your extra targets, whether they are extra show birds or targets you shoot at.

19 – If shooting European rotation, allow other squads to go around you.

20 – When you finish shooting, return all club equipment back to its proper place; carts, clipboards, pencils, extra score cards, etc.

21 – If trappers are pulling targets, help them if they need it and don’t chew them out if the make a mistake. A lot of times they are volunteers, this may be their first tournament, and most times they are young with limited experience.

22 – Be careful with lighted tobacco products when you are disposing of them, when its hot and dry it doesn’t take much to start a fire.

23 – When shooting European rotation and self scoring at a tournament, make X’s for hits and O’s for misses and also write and score legibly. Be sure the results of the station are on the correct line on the scorecard. This is important during european rotation shoots and shoots with tie breaker stations.

24- If club rules state that you must have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle on club property, this means all vehicles including golf carts, ATV’s, mopeds, scooters, etc.

25-The best rule is the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

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