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BRGFA Sporting Clay


Posted By Kelly 2023-08-08

This past weekend 16 shooters took lessons with Ben Husthwaite! What an experience and a privilege. Shooters all started with a gun fit and then took to the 5 stand course to get some lesson time with Ben. Everyone came with an open mind and willing to adjust what wasn't going to feel comfortable, and left with excitement to get to the next targets to start working on the areas that we need to work on!

Shooters also had the opportunity to go out and shoot 12 stations that were open for practice. What a great weekend! If you missed it, well...we have some super exciting news to share.

Ben will be here July 24 - 30th, 2024 and not only will we have lesson opportunity, Ben is setting the course for the 2024 Manitoba Provincial Championship at BRGFA!!!! Schedule is being worked on and plans being made. Details will be coming very soon. If you are interested in lessons in 2024, please email and will get you on the list. Get the word out, it is going to be awesome!!!!

Thank you to everyone that helped out and took part, as you know we can't thank you enough!

Thank you Ben for all your knowledge, expertise and all the fun(laughs) you provided this weekend! Look forward to seeing you again next year.

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2023-07-27

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Heading 1

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2022-05-11

Thank you to all that came out for our first shoot of the year!  What a great day!  It was so nice to see so many ladies out shooting! 

Congratulations to HOA Mike Jeronimo with a score of 90!  Great shooting Mike.

Chase the clay was won with the score of 63. Congratulations to Brian Cove and Matthew Flamand on each receiving $172.00 each!  The pot will start over at our next shoot, June 11, 2022. 

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2021-12-13

A quick update on membership to the range for 2022 in relation to sporting clays. We will be switching to Sunday "members only" shooting starting in April and running to the long weekend in September. There will be a few Mondays that will be open to all to shoot. But, in order to shoot on Sundays you will have to purchase a general membership to BRGFA of $40.00 and purchase the applicable CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights) membership. The BRGFA membership form and instructions can be found on the BRGFA website @ It is not required to purchase the range use fee, but if you wish to have access to the rifle/handgun range you will need to pay the fee and attend the new range orientation to receive your key and range card. I have to say the handgun range is awesome!

CCFR membership can be submitted along with your BRGFA general membership. If you have already purchased your CCFR 2022 membership, please provide your membership # for verification.

2022 Dates are in the works and should be posted very soon!

Please watch the sporting clays website and your inbox for more updates!!

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2021-12-13

Chase The Clay
April 17th, 2021 #10  POT $33.00 was not won
May 8th, 2021 Pot starts @ $33.00
May 17th, 2021 #30 POT $64.00 was not won
June 19th, 2021 Pot starts @ $64.00
June 19th, 2021 #19 Pot $94.00 was not won
July 11th, 2021 Pot starts @ $94.00 
July 11th, 2021 #52 Pot $130.00 was not won
August 21st, 2021 Pot starts @ $130.00

August 21st, 2021 #91 Pot $155.00 was not won
September 11, 2021 #28 Pot $178.00 was not won
September 12, 2021 #52 Pot $220.00 was not won
October 2, 2021 Pot starts @ $220.00
October 2, 2021 #186 Combined Score Pot $251.00 was not won

October 2, 2021 #9 Pot $251.00 was not won
October 23, 2021 #2 Pot $288.00 was not won
$288.00 will be carried forward to 2022!!


August 21st Super Sporting & Allen Cove Memorial Long Bird Challenge 




Thank you to all that came out and enjoyed what ended up to be a fairly decent day!

Congratulations to Rick Lawler and James Lawler tied HOA on the Super Sporting with a score of 81!

The Allen Cove Memorial Long bird was shot by 17 participants and a few bought back in. It was a great competition! Lots of fun!

Very proud to announce Marc Lejeune is the Long Bird Champion for 2021, 100 YARDS!

He had the last few of us (Dale Bourns, Kelly Bourns, Austin Wasnie and Joe St. Mars) beat at 80 yards and then went on to hit at 90 yards and then an impressive shot at 100 yards! Congratulations Marc!

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2021-07-19

Attention all BRGFA members!If you receive an email stating the range is closed, please do not include sporting clays in the range closure.  If sporting clays is shut down it will be posted here, on facebook and an email will be sent out from

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2021-03-26

Chase The Clay 2020
June 20th - #18 NO WINNER
July 5th Pot starts at $215.00
July 5th - #89 & #137 NO WINNER
July 25th Pot starts @ $258.00
July 25th - #23 NO WINNER
August 29th Pot starts @ $289.00
August 29th - #93 NO WINNER
September 26th Pot starts @ $306.00
September 26th - #2 & #45 NO WINNER
October 18th Pot starts @ $326.00
October 18th - WINNER Brandy McWilliams  $364.00

Posted by Kelly Bourns 2021-02-15


Dale and I wanted to let you all know that we lost a very close and dear friend and a fellow shooter on January 13th, 2021.  (George Thomas) Allen Cove January 6th, 1940 - January 13th, 2021 passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  Our hearts are heavy, but the memories we have we will hold close.  Al loved getting out to either St. Hubertus, Wpg Trap & Skeet and BRGFA as much as he could.  He loved sporting clays and skeet, but often he would let you know how much he hated trap! 


Dale and I spent a lot of time with Al, working out at the range, and in 2015 we practiced the entire spring preparing to travel to the World’s in Minnesota that year. Al loved competition and travelling out west, down south or just out to Brandon for a shoot.  











World FITASC 2015 Caribou Gun Club, MN             World FITASC 2015 Caribou Gun Club, MN          Wild Rice 200, 2015, Wild Marsh, MN

                                                                                          Shooting with Jon Kruger


Al and Kelly loved to “gossip”!  Like 2 old ladies, or as it was pointed out that they were like the two “old grumpy guys” in the balcony on the muppets.  Keeping on top of what or who was doing what in the shooting community became a conversation Al and Kelly enjoyed to have, drove Dale crazy!













Pheasants Forever, Regina, SK            MSCA MB Provincial 2020



Al’s passion was shooting, but his love was his family.  He spoke about them often and worried about getting home to Loretta and first Kody and then Brady.  He was so very proud of his son, Brian and his daughter Karen and loved his granddaughters to the moon and back and had a story about them every time we were out at the range.


We wanted to do something to honor Al’s memory and after much thought and most fitting…Al loved dropping targets…the further down he could get them the better!  Last year we held the first Long Bird Challenge that was to become an annual event.  This event for 2021 will become the Allen Cove Memorial Long Bird Challenge.  The proceeds made from the event will go into training and education for youth and lady programs at BRGFA.  Dale and I will be sponsoring the plaque that will remain at the BRGFA clubhouse and a trophy for the winner (s) of the competition. The winners of the event in 2020 will be the first to be added to the plaque.


"I am better for knowing you, better for having met you and better for having you as a dear friend and fellow shooter.

May you be as blessed in the next life, my friend, as I was in this life by knowing you.

Shoot ‘em up, Al"

 ~Kelly & Dale~














BRGFA Winter Shooting 2014

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